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Louisville District
Welcome to Operations Division Operations Information on District Lakes, Navigation and Regulatory Functions
U.S.A.C.E.-Ohio River Region
U.S.A.C.E. Publications"> Publications of the Headquarters, United States Army Corps of Engineers

USACE Libraries

"Notice to Navigation Interests"
Huntington Dist
Navigation Information Connection
Great Kanawha River

Ohio River Division
Ohio River Division Navigation Reports
Louisville District-Selected Meteorologic & Hydrologic Data
Louisville District - Selected Stream Stage, Flow, Precipitation, & Water Temperature Data
Nashville District - Data request form selected Gages
Huntington District Water Management
Pittsburg District Water Management
Colleges and Universities
FLOOD REMOTE SENSING DARTMOUTH -Global Flood Monitoring and Analysis Project

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lower Mississippi Valley Division

New Orleans District
New Orleans District Water Management Online Stage Predictions and Streamflow Data, Daily Stage and Discharge Data, National Weather Service River Forecast, 30 Day River Stage Forecast Data

St. Louis District
St. Louis District-Water Control

Vicksburg District
Vicksburg District - Water Control Management

North Central Division
Buffalo District

Buffalo District - Water Control Section

Rock Island District
Rock Island District - Water Control Section (New Server)
Rock Island District - Water Control Section (Old Server)
Rock Island District-Mississippi & Illinois River Gage Zero, Flat Pool, & Flood Stages
Rock Island District-Mississippi, Illinois...River Gage Related Information, SHEF Messages, & Real Time Hydrographs
Current MVR Mississippi River Water Profile-hourly plotted-Pool 11 to Pool 22
Rock Island District - Mississippi River Stage and Forecast for LD11-22 Location-Tail Stage-24 Hr Change-Day 1-Day 2-Day 3-Day 4-Day 5-Day
Rock Island District-Mississippi, Illinois...River (OMNI-Time Pool Tail Tainter Roller Flow & DCP Pool Tail Flow Wind Temp Precips) Project Reports
Rock Island District-Mississippi, Illinois...River (Water Surface Historic Profiles)

St. Paul District
St. Paul District-Water Management & NWS Information

Missouri River Division
Missouri River Division Water Control Information
Kansas City District Water Control Information

Ohio River Division
Ohio River Division Navigation Reports
Louisville District-Selected Meteorologic and Hydrologic Data
Louisville District - Selected Stream Stage, Flow, Precipitation, and Water Temperature Data
Nashville District - Data request form selected Gages
Huntington District Water Management
Pittsburg District Water Management

South Atlantic Division
Mobile District Water Control Management

National Weather Service/NOAA
NWS Hydrologic Information Center Home Page
National Hydrologic Outlook: National Conditions
NWS Flood Summary
Flood Summaries Archive
River Conditions
El Nino and Flooding
El Niqo: Research, Forecasts and Observations
Office of Hydrology - Additional WWW sites (NOAA/NWS/OH)
Current National Weather Service Products EXTENSIVE & EXCELLENT
Nat'l Weather Service (NWS) Products
Flooding Conditions, River Summarys and Forecasts--National and States (Source: shelley U of Kentucky)
Flooding Conditions: U.S.
River Conditions: Arkansas
River Conditions: Illinois
River Conditions: Indiana
River Conditions: Iowa
River Conditions: Kentucky
River Conditions: Minnesota
River Conditions: Mississippi
River Conditions: Missouri
River Conditions: Tennessee
River Conditions: West Virginia
River Conditions: Wisconsin
River Forecast: Lower Ohio/Mississippi
River Forecast: Upper Mississippi


Current Real Time Streamflow Conditions for States via Satellite Excellent!!!
Home Page - USGS Water Resources Information
National Water Conditions (DOI-USGS HOME PAGE)
National Water Conditions - Table of Contents
National Water Conditions - Table of Contents
Non-USGS Streamflow and Weather Information
Division of Natural Resources in KY

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 74th. Agricultural Outlook Forum

Sat Maps-Terraserver
ITT Night Vision Equipment
Middle Bay Port, Mobile Alabama
Port of Pittsburgh Commission
Bisso Marine
Raytheon Electronics
Hawco Mfg. (Hydraulic Equilibrium Cranes)
Puget Sound Rope
International Union of Alpine Assoiciations (U.I.A.A.-ROPE STANDARDS)
Rope Gradings/Coversions
Beal Rope Co.
Beal Rope Co.-- Technical Info
Kampeerder-Outdoor Heaven. Two great outdoor shops in Antwerp.
REI - Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Beal Ropes to save your life.
Gear at!
Bluedome (U.K.)
Rock Climbing Companies- The Outdoor Network
Wild Country Climbing Gear
Welcome to La Sportiva USA Online

Cummins Marine
Furuno U.S.A.
Waterways Exchange Inc.
Babin Marine L.L.C.
Corbitt Mfg.
Entec Inc./RetroFit Systems, St. Louis
Owen's Mfg.
Ocean Technical Services Inc.
TECO Transport-Mid-South Towing
Thoroughbred Web-Elkhorn Creek
Canoe Kentucky
Maritrends '98-Convention

Navigation Information Connection.An excellent source of links to lock and river conditions, Corps of Engineers and Coast Guard resources.
U.S. Coast Guard Home Page  
Department Of Transportation. Includes up-to-date links to MarAd and the other transportation administration agencies.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Home Page
Corps Divisions and Districts A source of links to Corps district and division home pages and other useful information.
National Archives and Records Administration. This includes up-to-date links to the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations any many other useful documents. There is also a link to NARA geneological resources.
Library of Congresss
Thomas Online . Keep track of current legislation in the Senate and House of Representatives.
Constitution of the United States

Associations and Organizations

American Association of Port Authrities
Ports Of Indiana
River Industry Bulletin Board
Maritime Navigation Safety Association
Port of Pittsburgh
American Admiralty Bureau
Inland Rivers, Ports And Terminals
Missouri Port Authority Association
National Waterways Conference

River City Newspapers and Periodicals     

Cincinnati Post
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald
Evansville (Ind.) Courier
Memphis Commerical Appeal
Peoria Journal-Star
St Louis Post-Dispatch

Envoronmentalists (They know what you're doing, so see what they're up to)

American Rivers
U.S. Water News
Sierra Club
Izaak Walton League-Save our Streams Program
Friends Of The Mississippi River
Mississippi River  Basin Alliance
River Action Inc.

Other Links

Illinois Valley River Project
American Heritage Rivers Initiative
Mississippi River Parkway Commission

Individuals' Pages

Towboat Joe
Life On The River With Towboater David Estrada
Old Man River

ESRI-Arc Macro


U.S. Department of Defense
U.S.C.G. Organization
Office of Investigations and Analysis G-MOA-(U.S.C.G.)
!!!Safety Alert!!! from U.S.C.G.
!!!Improvising!!! from U.S.C.G.
!!!Safety & Morale!!! from U.S.C.G.
Compliance and Inspection-U.S.C.G.
Port State Information Exchange-U.S.C.G.
Vessle Search-P.O.S.I.E.-U.S.C.G.
Belle of Louisville Inspection History-U.S.C.G.
Belle--see button for info previous to 1994-esp. March 20 1992. Case #MI91040614
National Vessel Documentation Center
Coast Guard Vessel Documentation--"BELLE OF LOUISVILLE"
Belle of Louisville
City of Louisville Pages

NAVCEN Home PageDGPS, GPS, Loran-C, OmegaRadionavigation Policy NotesMaritime InformationSearch this SiteHow to Contact the Navigation Center


Maritime Telecommunications Information
Local Notice to Mariners
Recreational Boating Safety Information

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Auxiliary Internet Resources Site
Floatilla Site #1-AIRS
Floatilla Site #2-AIRS
Division Site #1-AIRS
Division Site #2-AIRS
District Site #1-AIRS
District Site #2-AIRS
GPS Date Rollover Issues

Port State Control Links Page

Note: Links herein. 

Port State
Control Sites

IMO Home Page 
Master, Mates, Pilots (Links)
Coast Guard Marine Safety Program
Port State Control
Origins of PSC


PTP Projects
NTIS (Search Page)
NTIS Products
DOT Stats Home Page
DOT Stats (Reference Shelf)
Lloyd's Maritime Information Services
Fair Play
Fair Play (Sea Base)
ACOE Waterway Statistics
ACOE Navigation Data Center
Oil SpillCompendium

Coast Guard
& Other Links

Coast Guard Investigations & Analysis
USCG Home Page
USCG Marine Safety Schools
Recreational Boat Registration
Recreational Boat Links
(GTE Superpages)
ISM Speech
International Safety Management Code
ISM Overview
STCW Overview
Don Nugent's Ports Index
Don' Nugent's Companies Index
Seafarers Union (Links)

FOIA Requests | Documentation Information | Other Links of Interest
U.S. Coast Guard Home Page
USCG Marine Safety and Environmental Protection

Sailing Links:


Main Page

Government Agencies:
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Justice Administration
National Institute of Justice
Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention
Library of Congress

History Stuff
Todd Dicker's Police History Home Page at Western Michigan
Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Other Neat Stuff:
Greeting Cards Online
Pricedrop Online

Criminal Justice Links:
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
Community Policing Consortium A group of five professional organizations that promote the community policing philosophy.
COPNet & Police Resource List
COPS Office Home Page
Crime Statistics Page
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network:
Justice Information Center (NCJRS) NCJRS provides the bulk of information for many offices in the Department of Justice.
Justice Tech. Info. Network
Law Enforcement Connection
Law Enforcement Sites on the Net Links to many law enforcement sites.
Nat. Center for Community Policing (MSU)
Nat. Clearinghouse for Justice Stats
Nat. Consortium for Just. Info. & Stats
National Criminal Justice Association
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Nat. Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Nat. Law Enf. Technology Center
Pavnet (Partnerships Against Vilence) Information
Police Guide
Punch and Jurists
Rand Corporation
Society of Police and Criminal Psychology
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice
State Statistical Analysis Center
Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)
Vera Institute of Justice

Federal Government Links:
Federal: Executive Branch
Federal: Legislative Branch
Bill of Rights []
Central Intelligence Agency
Congressional Quarterly
County and City Data Book OUTSTANDING source of city, county and state data-- build your own datasets and ftp them to your computer!
Department Of Commerce
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Treasury
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Election Commission (FEC)
Federal Register
Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
Michigan Info. Center
Michigan State Government
Michigan State and Local Govt
National Science Foundation
Smithsonian Institution
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
THOMAS: Library of Congress
Thomas Jefferson Try it.
United States Constitution
United States Information Agency
United State Information Service Gopher
Wisconsin State Government Cheasehead Central.

Government Links (Research and Data)
Bill of Rights []
County and City Data BooksCounty and City Data Book OUTSTANDING source of city, county and state data--build your own datasets and ftp them to your computer!
Govt. Info. Locator Service (GILS)
ICPSR Homepage Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. LOTS of data!
Michigan Electronic Library
Michigan Info. Center
National Archives and Records Administration
National Science Foundation
Smithsonian Institution
THOMAS: Library of Congress
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
U.S. Historical Documents Archive
United States Information Agency
United States Constitution
U.S. Information Service (USIS)
U.S. Historical Documents Archive

Software Links:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
DataViz Home Page File translation software--transfer from Mac to PC, PC to PC, etc.
Digital Nostalgia Old Arcade Games for New Computers (Get Donkey Kong Here!!!)
Download.Net Really good source for software
Galt Shareware Zone
Hewlett-Packard Support for your printer, including new drivers.
JavaSoft Home Page
MicroWarehouse Inc. The best seller of PC software and hardware anywhere!! Everything shipped next-day air, service is fabulous, and their catalogues are great.
The Page O'Links
Quarterdeck They sell Cleansweep, a great program for cleaning your PC and uninstalling programs perfectly.
RealMedia (Real Audio/Real Video)
Simplex Knowledge Company
SPSS Home page
ZD Net Software Library

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